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Over The Speed Limit
Updated from 2.0 to clean up some loose corners, Maple Lake, that map you never played, returns!

Changes include additional platforms in place of bulky corners, an additional underwater area now housing the Grenade Ring, the addition of the infinity ring, and repositioning of several rings and monitors. Updated music, too!

Console map name is MAPMD, and will roulette naturally with default match maps.



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Well, I remember playing this map years ago in an OLDC ;_;

And I quite enjoyed it then, good to see it's been ported over to 2.1.
ZarroTsu said:
Maple Lake, that map you never played, returns!
And it proceeds to never be played by anyone, it seems.

Quite a shame, really, because this is an amazing map that accomplishes what it sets out to do. The central room is large yet well-designed enough to house some intense fights, while the inside areas and tunnels provide enough rest and power-ups to not be completely useless. Speaking of power-ups, they're well distributed and sometimes even cleverly placed (the upside down monitors and the Rail Ring Panel for example). While the visuals seem too basic for my liking, they work perfectly in this level, being pleasant to look at while also being much like the level itself: simple yet effective.

I'd take this over Meadow Match (and perhaps a few other stages in the official rotation) any day.
It's too bad I can never seem to get a game going with more than three or four people (without someone synch failing). I really want to pile 16 people into this map and see how it goes.
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