Major and Minor Addons (SRB2Kart)

I've noticed in SRB2Kart version 1.6 that there are four possible messages for the command isgamemodified:
The game has not been modified. You can play Record Attack, earn medals and unlock extras.
The game has been modified with only minor addons. You can play Record Attack, earn medals and unlock extras.
The game has been modified with an addon with its own save data, so you can play Record Attack and earn medals.
The game has been modified with major addons, so you cannot play Record Attack.
Only after loading an addon that causes the fourth message to be output in the console do I get a popup informing me that I've loaded a "gameplay-changing" addon or something like that.
Can anyone explain what each message means? What I'm unsure of the most is the third message. Also, I'm unsure if I can unlock extras after the third message is output.
SRB2, and by extension Kart, has different rules on what can be changed before the game is marked as modified. For example, addons which only modify sounds, music, or CERTAIN graphics are fine and will not mark the game as modified. The modification check was designed to prevent desynchs and cheating, so some purely cosmetic changes are allowed.

Kart has a special check that outputs different results based on what parts of the game have been modified. If only the allowed cosmetic changes have been touched, you get output 2. Because the changes are so minor, output 2 means the game will still allow you to go online or use Record Attack, as well as contribute to your stats and unlockables. SRB2 also has this check, but the outputs are different.

Output 4 is for addons that modify more than the allowed cosmetics, meaning the game has activated its anti-cheat/desynch protections and disabled Record Attack (as well as the ability to join any server without those addons loaded).

Output 3 is for the same result, BUT a custom gamedata file has also been loaded. A gamedata file is a file that handles unlockables, extras, and statistics. Basically everything except the actual save files. Addons have the ability to create and use their own gamedata files.

When a custom gamedata file is loaded last, the game (effectively) undoes the modification check and assumes the game has not been touched until the next addon is loaded. This is so addons can still have their own unlockables (see: any custom map with emblems or extras in vanilla SRB2).

And obviously, output 1 is for when no addons have been loaded at all.
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