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Luigi Invasion - Run away from Luigis!

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Luigis are invading and Marios need to run for their lives!​

This is a type of tag made specifically for the Super Mario Bros. addon.

The rules are simple.


If you get tagged you become one of the Luigis, so try to avoid them...

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I strongly suggest you add "dispoffset = 4" or a higher number to [MT_MAURA]'s mobjinfo. This will make the glow sprite appear over Mario's overalls instead of in between Mario and his Overalls color, which is his secondary sprite set for colorchanging.


Im noone that matters
It would be funny if this was called weegee invasion
Jokes aside pretty fun to catch marios with l u i g i
you can now play as luigi hitting different


I'd like to point out this is almost like Mario Chase from Nintendo Land, now if only a giant 30-sec Super Star, that only the runners can get, appeared, it would be exactly like it!


every now and then whenever me and a friend are playing on his server the timer resets as 5 minutes after the countdown instead of 4:30
The game also doesn't do the glow and beeping because of this
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Kiki Kiwi

I had a problem where no one was turning into luigis nor was the tagger a luigi, was this because i had more then one character? and the glow never happened either

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