Fixed Linedef type 423 + noclimb flag crashes dedicated servers

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If linedef type 423 with the noclimb flag is triggered (which changes the sky for all players), dedicated servers just plain crash. That's pretty much all there is to it!

(More specifically, it says signal_handler(): floating point exception and dies)
Crash log over here!
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SRB2 Wiki said:
( is a very rare error similar in nature to the Segment Violation, which seems to occur when a malformed sector causes the renderer to divide by zero in its calculations. Its only known cause is extremely excessive sector merging followed by vertex deletion.
Well, I guess we have something new to add to that. You should DEFINITELY edit your post on the Bug Reports to include the floating point error...since that basically never happens. Finding something that causes it to happen is quite rare as the wiki says.
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