Kid says that he's the real me


"Hi welcome to my channel called rafael's lounge"
>Vector Fans

In all honesty, I would've expected it to be at least half-convincing. At least you caught him in the act. I've only watched the first few seconds of the video, and I could tell right away that kid wasn't you, even disregarding the channel name.


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whats the name of that kiddo do you have it do that (redacted) is on the mb is it MAJD i wanna know i wanna find him and talk seriously to much a bad guy could imitate my best friend... i mean even i got imitated but the guy wasnt talking french so yeah actually anyone can get an imitator. at least he's gone but yeah if ya get another problem daddy... ok not daddy uhh lemme find a good one...
πco trop can help you with these problems
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Oh yeah, i remember this. I don't know what happened to that kid. but i have my suspicions. I also got imitated when there were a lot of hexhog beggars too.


Nation of Millions.

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Guess I was too late to see the fun...


maybe i will cancel hyper metal...
I found a kid that says that he's the real me even through im the real one and didn't make that vídeo. I never expected someone to make this lol


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