Kaiba's Karts - Pix&Bit + Mew, all with 3D models

Kaiba's Karts - Pix&Bit + Mew, all with 3D models 2.0


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Pix and Bit - 2D + 3D karts

Pix & Bit, from the album Pix & Bit by Patricia Taxxon. I made these characters for her album and thought they needed to be kart racers =] The pink one is Pix and the orange one is Bit.

Instructions for loading the 3D models is included in the MD3 zip. You must use the opengl version of SRB2Kart

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something is wrong with mew i cant load him up and then it stops other characters from loading
I've managed to get it to work by opening it up in slade, cutting and pasting all three folders into a folder named SKINS and inside every character's folders moving s_skin up to before the sprites

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