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Over The Speed Limit
Quote, Curly, and Balrog have spent a long year enjoying their new lives away from the island after the events of Cave Story, and the defeat of The Doctor and Ballos. Suddenly, and without warning, they are teleported back to the island by a desperate and defeated Jenka, and immediately separated.

From the get-go it's evident that the entire island has been physically changed by some strange forces acting upon it. What has happened to the island after the previous events? It's up to Quote to find his friends and figure out the mystery behind these new forces, meeting old allies and new enemies along the way.
Once upon a time some dude named shmitz made a mod called Jenka's Nightmare. He eventually abandoned the mod due to limitations of the game, as his ideas were a lot bigger than the scope of Cave Story's abilities. He moved on to work on the dev team for Cave Story 3DS.

A couple of people tried their hand at finishing the game due to its simple, yet mysterious setting, and a lot of the results were either the addition of simplified endings or overly complicated fetch quests. In any case, this version of the mod strives not to simply complete the game, but remaster it from beginning to end so that fans of the original don't have to play through the same maps again, and new players won't have as much trouble finding their way around the game.

Current Version is (Updated Oct 26, 2014)
The game can be downloaded through one of the links below:




















I will release a walkthrough when I get the time to finish it.
If you find any bugs, mis-aligned text, typos, graphical errors, or anything you think may be out of the ordinary, please let me know.
The game sadly does not have D-Pad support on some controllers.
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I tried this, it's pretty neat! I've always loved Cave Story. I can't get past the first boss just because I was never good at Cave Story. :V
Update 140519 (

- Fixed bugs as informed on the main CS forum
- Added a sign in Plantation to tell the player they can indeed fly up the press chasms
- Made Last Cave and Last Cave (Hidden) less obnoxious, and added more decor
- Bats during the JN fight now drop exp. Critters in the fight now drop 2 exp instead of just 1 each.
- Fixed a tiny graphical error on the Labyrinth tileset (two stray black pixels)

Silly Little Update 140519_1 (

- Fixed Bubbler capsule not checking for the Bubbler correctly
- Made the sign in Plantation that was added actually interactable


Update 140520 (

- Fixed being unable to drown correctly in the Old Clinic while Curly
- Save Point in Old Clinic gets removed while Curly

Arrrrgghhhh (

- Forgot to actually point to an event on a particular sign later in the game.


Update 140525 (

- Machine Gun now levels up faster, 20/40/20 from 27/54/18
- Fixed a major bug where you could trigger Monster X by CONTACT with a non-H/V event (Sorry, GrampaGlasses)
- Added proper dialog to Monster X for Curly depending on if you beat him or not
- Redid the graphics for the boss rush so all 'layers' of the graphic file are the same brightness/contrast (instead of Genesis sticking out a mile and Suto being nigh-invisible). Removed a few unused layers from it, too.
- Fixed the annoying 16bit full screen bug in Jenka's fireplace
- Removed an obsolete spike graphic from the Boss Rush tileset against the final boss
- Changed the way Jenka's fireplace is determined accessible, both so you can enter it after saving instead of leaving/reentering Jenka's house, and so that it only lets you in if you've found one of the five, at least.
- Fixed one of the <SMP events in Jenka's fireplace not properly being deleted by the other one
- Fixed some typos.
- Reduced the file size of the ZIP itself (by almost 2mb!) by opening it and manually deleting the Thumbs.db files Windows generates in secret.
- Removed the version date from the file folder itself.
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- Fixed most of the bugs listed by Fluff (One of the gunsmith 'fixes' is redundant since you'd never have the spur and polar star capsules at the same time)
- Added a missing graphic to the boss rush (Heavy Press Butes)
- Nikumaru Counter now activates for the boss rush. If you want to properly record your time for it, I suggest backing up or deleting your existing time from Arcadia.
- Reduced Monster X's HP from 800 back down to 700.
- Moved the second missile chest in Sand Zone closer to the ledge so players see it more easily.


- Fixed Fluff's new buglist.
- Reduced Heavy Press and the Dragon Sisters HP's from 700/750 to 600/600
- Added a new 'medal' item. Good luck!
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Triple post. (I guess nobody likes Cave Story) (Or Cave Story mods? Why would you hate extensions upon a game you loved? I am confuse.).

Updated a bunch of times and didn't really update external topics like this one. Current version is, with a bunch of typo fixes, the Snake re-buffed to be more useful in the late game, and some bug fixes.

A question for anyone who has played it from this location: Should I buff the Fireball weapon? There're a lot of instances where you're forced to use it, and I don't really want that hurting the game, considering it's a difficult weapon to master. Let me know.
Oh, I downloaded this back when you originally posted it, but never got around to trying it out. Now I've downloaded and jumped into the game. It's quite nice! The opening is pleasant. The story seems consistent so far. I've gotten the first two weapons and beaten the first two boss (mini-boss?) encounters so far.
I have actually beaten the game (hardcorish Cave Story fan) Around...uh...a few versions back (I dunno how many) via the best possible (and I mean possible to acquire in the original Cave Story) NG+ file, and I admit that it was really good for a Cave Story sequel. Nice plot, nice use of old things, and a really polished game overall (even if Fluff and Nemesis keep finding bugs.)

Still never beat the Super Secret Room though.

As for the Fireball, I find it okay where it is in terms of power.
New version. Changelog is as follows:

- Fireball Level 3 is now more powerful.
- Bubbler Level 2 and 3 are now weaker, but Level 3 is now more powerful.
- Bubbler recharges slightly slower to compensate for the more powerful level 3.
- Snake recharges more than twice as fast as before.
- Machine Gun is now more powerful.
- Blade is now more powerful.
- Changed the charge times for the Spur from (60/120/180) to (50/100/200).

- Snake ammo now starts at a hard +20, and gives +10 per additional drop (max 80).
- Bubbler ammo has been reduced to start at +30, and give +15 per additional drop (max 120).
- Snake can now be picked up again post-underside.
- Two additional Machine Gun pickups, new max total is 160.

- Moved the Bubbler from Pipeworks' shutter to where the pignon note was under the bridge.
- Put a new Machine Gun ammo chest in said shutter, instead.
- Bubbler can be picked up a second time post-underside, if collected.

- "Balrog Shots" no longer block bullets.
- Suto's bouncy shots have half HP.
- Suegor has 40 more HP (200).
- Suto 1 is now 'bouncy top'.
- Suto 2 has 60 more HP (300).
- Bro Pignon has 40 more HP (200).
- The Pignon gang fight has one less pignon.
- Suto 4 has 20 less HP (700).
- Alpha has more HP.
- Heavy Press has more HP.

- Removed some of the Midorins in Pipeworks, due to Bubbler Lv1 being blocked by the Tile44's.
- Green beetles in Pipeworks give 1 additional EXP, each.
- Added some bars over the left pipe in Pipeworks N to prevent people from diving into it face-first.
- Moved the Snake Ammo in Grasstown to be further in.
- Added a +3 life capsule to Grasstown where the Snake Ammo was.
- Moved the Grasstown Missile Ammo down to where the pignon note was, and removed the little hole at the top where it used to be.

- Cleaned up the layout at the beginning of Underside a bit.
- Teleporting out of the Inner Sanctuary is less obnoxious and more mysterious.

- Map System is now available in Mimiga Village.
- Relocated the Missiles from the Chimney to where the Map System used to be.
- Relocated Whimsical Star to a later point in the game.
- Arms Barrier is no longer NG+ content, and is now available where Whimsical Star used to be.
- Added a +3 life capsule to the Eroding Valve.

- Reduced Brown critter HP from 8 to 6.
- Reduced Aqua critter HP from 12 to 8.
- Night Spirit/Deconstructor Mk1 has 40 more HP (240).
- Night Spirit/Deconstructor Mk1 projectiles do 1 less damage (4).
- Alpha's projectiles are no longer solely 'invulnerable' ones.
- Alpha's projectiles do not give EXP.
- Deconstructor Mk 2's arena is now wider.
- Upper part of Abalandoned Facility is redesigned a bit.

- Camera in Void now moves much faster.
- Whimsical Star is available in the Revolutionarium on the return trip after Gens/Obliv.

- Sue and Little Man no longer notice or exchange for the Blade and Nemesis capsules.
- Spur sidequest simply requires talking to the Gunsmith, then going to the Pignon Hideout.
- The "Pooh Black" version of Suto no longer exists. (Ironic)

- Balrog now returns correct ammo values for Machine Gun.

- Removed the 'Mjolnir'. Little Man just gives you the Nemesis if he's alive.
- Can no longer trade missile launchers with Little Man.
- Little Man now returns correct ammo values for Machine Gun.

- Rebuilt the EXP cage on the Balcony for funsies.
- Changed Booster's dialog slightly to imply that you can visit Jenka.
- Toned down Last Cave (Hidden) a bit at the end of the first and second floors.
- Improved the amount of EXP obtained from capsules in Arcadia.
- Falling blocks in Arcadia now spawn at half-speed (a little under a second each).
- Jenka now shoves a Life Pot into your inventory if you missed every opportunity to get one.

- Relocated the 'Door' in the credits to be chronologically correct.
- Changed Dunc's credited title and added HyMyNameIsMatt alongside him.
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