Is there a Yeth mod for SRB2?


Ok so, there's this extremely weird Sonic the Hedgehog rom hacked called Yeth. The game features an original character by the name of Yeth as he adventures through several weird new zones. The hack was pretty obscure until a youtuber named AntDude covered it along with other Sonic rom hacks, but anyway.
I really love how weird it is and I wondering if someone made a Yeth mod.
Yeah just gonna leave this here bye
Yeth needs Antdude references in the mod if one is made do to how closely tied Yeth is tied to Antdude

Edit: I actually I just realized the derp is kind of a Yeth mod lol.
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oh boi poor yeth, but good mod i hope you the best when you finish the mod, It's gonna be GREAT!!!
why is the trailer at 1.9K views
why is the trailer at 1.9K views
Yeth is really popular within Sonic Hacking Community,but this amount of people watching this trailer is kinda low.

Altrough the trailer could use the Antdude cover of Sonic Satam opening.

yeah sorry about the lack of news.

but no, it's still kicking. im trying finalise the new moves and iron out any bugs before submitting it so the first version can be out by the september direct.

here's the move, see you soon hopefully

it may be considered a joke character, but i still want the mod to be fun
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bruh why wont it upload the gif
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