Is someone plagiarising work? Here's how to handle it

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If you see work that you feel has been submitted by someone who isn't the original author without permission, please report it to someone in the Judge usergroup (The group is listed on this page: You will need to scroll down).

When submitting a report, please include evidence of plagiarism, including:
* Original file
* Proof of author identification
* Anywhere that the file may have been posted before the time of submission.

Without these means of evidence, there is no way to back a plagiarism claim, and we will not be able to do anything with the report. Once we get a report with this information, we will discuss it and how the situation needs to be handled.

Do not post in the submissions topic you are questioning. Rumor-mongering is not acceptable. If plagiarism has occurred, the staff will handle it as necessary. Causing drama because of potential plagiarism is not an acceptable course of action and infractions will be issued if this happens.
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