Is it possible to make a camera follow Metal Sonic Race Bot in LUA?

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I don't wanna sound crazy or anything but I'm just wondering if it is possbile to make a LUA that the camera can follow the Metal Sonic Race Bot just like F12ing a player
(Basically Camera Tracking Metal Sonic Bot when someone presses F12).

Because I noticed there are some commands that allow the camera to follow stuff like awayviewmobj.
I know the only way might be to hardcode it, but it may be possible to LUA it.

Also I know very little LUA so I'm sorry if this sounds stupid.


I also want to know if there is a way to disable/enable Metal Sonic in game with the COM_AddCommand (So basically what I'm trying to say is I want to make Metal Sonic dissapear when you type the command Metal 0 to deactivate and Metal 1 to activate him during the game.)
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Deadpool. Im pretty sure its possible. If we can make portals, knuckles chaotix binding rings, then im sure you can make that. Im just not sure how...

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player.awayviewmobj may be of help here. Don't just set it to the first MT_METALSONIC_RACE object you find though - instead create a custom camera object or so to capechase him, and set player.awayviewmobj to be that object.

Don't forget to set player.awayviewtics too btw. Using player.awayviewmobj can't work unless you set that as well.


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Deadpool, you should probably take a look at Small Basic first. It should help make things easier to understand.
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