Inspired by Sonic 3D Blast, not in a way you'd expect?


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So I recently watched TetraBitGaming's Lost Bits video on S3DB, and uh...
At 7:35 in the video said:
[In the 73 prototype] for some reason, in Green Grove Act 3, although you start out with 10 Rings, the actual level itself doesn't have any other Rings present.
Initially that seemed like nothing much to me, until I realized that the final game's bosses start you out with 0 Rings, requiring you to collect them from the arena.
Then it hit me - that's exactly the reverse of how SRB2 had it! Before v2.2, you started out with 0 Rings and had to collect them from the arena, like in final 3DB. In v2.2, however, you start out with 10 Rings and none others are present, like in 3DB Proto 73!
At first it seemed like a coincidence, but when it eventually sunk in that other parts of SRB2 were inspired by 3DB (including the idea of having a boss arena in Act 3 in the first place)... maybe that change is REFERENCING Proto 73?

So, what do you think? Coincidence or intentional reference? I'd love to hear an official answer from Sonic Team Jr. as well.


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It’s certainly possible. The 73 proto was released to the public by drx on February 23, 2008. (Source: The Cutting Room Floor) SRB2 2.2 was released on December 7, 2019. That’s a gap of more than 11 years.

Then again, it could just be a coincidence. (Christian Whitehead said this was the case with the Drop Dash from the Sonic 3 proto.) I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.


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I personally don't remember any discussion of a 3D Blast proto when we decided to remove rings from arenas in favor of simply spawning each player with 10 rings. It was simply more practical for multiplayer gameplay.

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