I was wondering if some one can help me out.

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Hello i was wondering that maybe someone here can help me out.

I been looking for the best MD2 made for SRB2 and well so far no luck.

I google it and i can't find good ones.

So maybe someone here know where to find MD2 that will ohmost make the game full 3D?


Well, there is a MD2 Thread in the releases section by Jeck. It should contain what you want.


That Aries Title
I try out Jeck and its vary good but the problem is that some thing dont show up like flowers.

But i did find MD2 that ohmost turn the game 100% 3D i forgot the link but i can upload it here if you want.


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Step 1- Get the MD2 auto installer.
Step 2- Install them. (derp)
Step 3- Download Jeck's MD2s.
Step 4- Add them to SRB2 folder and use what you want.


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Instals MD2's so you can use them.
1st,use it
2nd,then put jeck's md2s
then thats it
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