I still need help with my wad... *sigh*

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Yes, This ol' topic again, same old segment violation problem when the character goes it to the falling animation, but now I need to know... Why are my "standing" sprites are "falling" sprites and my 1 waiting sprite a "tails carring you sprite?"

Edit: I won't make the sprites until I get this problem fixed...
Double Edit: This time I have a link:


http://srb2wiki.sepwich.com/index.php?title=Character_WAD#Lowercase_lump_names <--- Does anybody have a cashed link for this article?


FM Synthesized
Hey Thanks

Hey Thanks, DS (LOL! DS!)
If andbody else has any other ways of figuring this out, please feel free to post here.
PS. I'm not A Code Or Technical (HEX EDITOR or Stuff like that) Person.
Theres a SOC that makes the chashing go away.I think its called nowadsigserv
EDIT:that SOCs link is broken so ignore this.


Re: !?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Sonicboy The Hedgehog said:
Monster Iestyn said:
The rules say different, Sonicboy. Have you actually read them properly?

!!!???!?!?!??! CAN'T PEOPLE LEAVE ME THE **** ALONE ABOUT THE ****Y RULES! GOD****IT! I'M NOT IN THE ****IN' MOOD! (oh boy. did I just say that out loud?)

And 2 That is backseat moderation Monster (requoting the rules) , Have you been reading the rules either?

He didn't quote anything. He is just mentioning that you didn't read them correctly. Also, take a chill pill and listen to a moderator when they ask you to shape up.


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Offtopic: How was that useless?
Ontopic: Looks like I see that nobody else has any answers.
EDIT: Anyways. My wad didn't even get capitalized. It still gives me that message
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