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Yes, This ol' topic again, same old segment violation problem when the character goes it to the falling animation, but now I need to know... Why are my "standing" sprites are "falling" sprites and my 1 waiting sprite a "tails carring you sprite?"

Edit: I won't make the sprites until I get this problem fixed...
Double Edit: This time I have a link:


http://srb2wiki.sepwich.com/index.php?title=Character_WAD#Lowercase_lump_names <--- Does anybody have a cashed link for this article?



Note: The entries actually start at ASCII character 60 (A) and go forward. Most editors, such as Wintex and DeePsea, only support capital letters, limiting you to a total of 32 frames (up to `). SRB2 goes beyond this (currently uses 34), and Wintex/DeePsea will ruin a wad if you save it without taking the right precautions. Don't blame us, it's these darn utilities we've gotta put up with. =P

Before saving your file, rename any of the would-be lowercase entries at the end to something else that you can easily distinguish. For example, I'll rename: "KNUXa2a8" to "KNUKa2a8"

(Note that Wintex/DeePsea will display the lowercase entires with a capital letter - which means you'll have a KNUXA2A8 at the beginning of your file and KNUXA2A8 near the end. The one near the end is the lowercase one.)

After saving with Wintex/DeePsea, it will convert it to KNUKA2A8. Next, crack open a Hex editor. If you cleaned your wad after saving, this will be easy to do. Scroll all the way down to the end of the file until you see the large list of entry names. You'll find, for example, KNUKA2A8 at the very end. Change it to KNUXa2a8.

It may sound hard, but it is really quite easy. Once you've done it for the first time, successive hex editing is painless.
I use Hexplorer. Google it.
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