I need help finding map


Hello! So, you see, its has been a year and half since i started looking for it everywhere, MB, WS, Skybase, Gamebanana, fuck! even Wad Archive and others like Srb2 Brasil, yet i had no luck, not even a few days ago when i came across people sending old files on srb2 related discord servers, which after analizing, none of them where what i was looking for.

im looking for a map with these things, map which i based the spawn of my hangout map called Disco City from:

the tower houses with a disco floor at the middle, and a DJ booth at one side

The original map had these things: towers smaller than mine with springs that took you at the highest point of them, with hidden monitors, and one of them was a super monitor, there was also this pool at one side just like i did on mine, there was a disco floor at the middle, one DJ booth at one side i believe, and thats as far as i can remember
There probably was some edges at the outskirts of the area where the towers were, where you could just jump off them, and run around that edge
The map its from the 2.0 Era, As far as i can remember, up to early 2.1

i think i also remember the map having a hidden small hole behind the booth or somewhere else, that lead to an inside room, with stuff inside it
the towers were all around the disco floor
much like my hangout map

The map was less spacious and more cramped than mine, and it probably was match, as the map in general was smaller than an average coop map, which even then were big
This is an all in one with all the details of my request

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