I Just Give Up

I give up playing SRB2, I been playing this since i was 9 years old and all i felt was Anger, Every Time i played it. If i can't beat a game, then what should i do?

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Keep trying, play as Sonic + Tails or just Tails alone so you can get a better grasp at the levels.

It's definitely doable, the only thing holding your back is your own persistence
Every time you get a game over, you continue with more and more extra lives. If you want to, you can stock up on extra lives by purposefully getting a few game overs in a row.

When you play as Sonic & Tails, stand next to Tails (wait for the arrow to appear) and jump to have Tails pick you up. Alternatively, just play as Tails and skip over most of the levels.

I find the game is much more fun on replays than your first play, as you don't have to be nearly as cautious anymore.


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Never Give Up!!

Do keep in mind though that the last legitimately interesting unlockable that can't be replicated with console commands (or with a mod in the case of Padora's Box 'turn super' command) is unlocked at 100 emblems, the halfway point. You really don't need to collect every single emblem if you don't want to, and that's okay! That's by design, just do what you want to and have fun with it. If it's making you angry, just chill and play other parts of the game, maybe try out a few mods or something instead of dedicating yourself to emblem hunting.

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