i can't join the SRB2 discord server.


doesn't exactly have to do with the game, but i can't join the SRB2 discord server.
it says i was banned, even though i never joined the server before.
i searched everywhere for anwsers to fix this problem, but after searching far too much i came to the conclusion i would have to ask it myself.
so here i am, having no idea what to do. (please help)


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I've moderated my fair share of large Discord servers. You wanna know how many times I've heard this lie?

I mean, to be fair, despite the fact that I am in the srb2 discord server. It says I am banned.
It must be an IP thing- I can only join on my mobile data.


Well, this was about 2 years ago and i completely forgot about it.
This is... awkward. (i'm sorry)
No, i still can't join the discord server by the way.
So my username on discord is "Xmax311#9607" if that helps??? even though this thread is really old???


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Oh. You were supposed to be unbanned in 2018, but our idiot former admins forgot to take care of it. Your ban has been lifted.
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