Hyper mode from Sonic the Fighters


Hey guys! Creator of Blue Streak here, looking for assistance. If you've ever played Sonic the Fighters, you would know what hyper mode is. I want assistance in putting hyper mode in the game
It would be nice for Custom 1 to enable it and it would give you invincibility stars and make you slightly faster and jump slightly higher. This consumes 20 rings, and has a 10 second cool down. If you have all seven Emeralds, C2 would transform you into super, overriding hyper mode. This is extra, but I would also like a command to disable the override. If you make the script, I'll do my part and make the command, and ask for assistance if needed.
Now if you are up 2 it, here what I'll be doing,
1.) expanding knowledge with skin colors and creating some for blue streak and a modified tails later on.
2.) Make a proper Character select Soc for Blue Streak.
3.) Decide how I want Tails to be and my plans for him.
4.) Learn to use and create some Lua files when I'm free
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