Hyper forms for everyone!!11!!!!!!

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Kirb The Korb
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Hyper forms for everyone!!11!!!!!! - an hyper forms mod that works with most mod characters

(this mod isn't made for srb2 uncapped or for versions inferior to 2.2.10)
this mod consists on an epilepsy free hyper form that should work for most modded characters
to activate it you need more than 100 rings (edit line 256 if you want the requirement lower) and then press jump + spin while being super, for modern sonic you can just press the lightdash button again while being super. You can turn on the flashing effects by pressing 9 or writing flashon in console or turn it off by...

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Legend with Blue Stripes
You could add some details like able to breath underwater and infinite flight for flying characters like Tails, Cream and Charmy

Btw, when getting 0 rings and return to normal, the skin color goes to the default character instead of the custom color. Can you try fix that??
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Legend with Blue Stripes
One thing i discovered that this will alter Dash Modes speeds to characters that has dash modes such as Metal Sonic, Neo Sonic, Junio Sonic and others. While being normal the dash mode (or boost mode) will still has the same max speed and not increasing what so ever.

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