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We all like to listen to some pleasant and catchy music now and then, but what about the other side? What about the music that tries to be as annoying as possible? And yet, these often produce quite hilarious results.

I've touched on Two Piece Squirrel in the past, but now I've found a rather humorous song:
Some dudes made a poll on what aspects of music people liked and hated the most. They used this data to create the song on that page. Granted, it's a decade old now, but it's definitely worth a listen. I mean, opera ladies rapping about being cowboys, untrained kids singing for Labor Day and Walmart advertisements, and rapid tempo changes with clashing brass instruments? What's not to like?

What other examples have you guys heard of? I'm not looking for "so bad it's horrible". I want to see funny stuff, material that's "so bad it's great". Oh, and don't post about Crazy Frog either. That's kind of lame, to be honest.

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I was always a fan of Larry "Wild Man" Fischer.
One could also mention Wesley Willis, but I personally don't count him since there is an emphasis on the rant than what's heard musically. Not really an earbleeder there, as it makes great driving music more so than Eminem does.
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Heh, I learned about Vitaly Komar and Alex Melamid in my art history class last year. Apparently, they also made paintings reflecting Americans' preferences in visual art, using surveys perhaps similar to the ones they used to generate their music. Anyway, here's their results (from, if you guys are interested...


America's Most Wanted, and...

(Sorry for the small size)
...America's Least Wanted

As for the song itself, I like it. It's really catchy, especially the tuba parts.
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Actually, the most WANTED song is much moch horrible. The cheesiest, clichéd piece of **** ever made.


Hey, remember, it's supposed to be cliched! Otherwise it wouldn't be the "Most Wanted Song"!

But yeah, I hate it too. Not my style.


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Weird how the titles don't match up to what's going on. The least wanted is the most wanted and the most wanted is the least.
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