How Would Respriting Work in Submissions?

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Part of me thinks that this is explained somewhere in the forums already, but I haven't seen anything regarding this. Long story short, I've been thinking about making new sets of sprites for the SSN Mighty and SegaSonic Ray wads whenever I get the time to do so. What I wanna know is, if I were to submit them into submissions, would they override their original releases, I still release them alone despite the only change being their sprites, or would they just be rejected?
i can't say for sure since i'm neither a judge nor a moderator, but i personally think that the original submissions should be updated rather than making new ones, since i would assume no super major changes are being made apart from sprites.

that being said, i think the original releases (i.e. the older sprites) should still be kept with the new ones if it's at all possible people want to use the older ones for nostalgia purposes, i suppose? idk any other reason people would want to use them.


Both segasonic ray and ssnmighty are marked as reusable, so you can just edit those addons, give credit to the original creators and co-authors, and release them. They would not replace the existing segasonic ray and ssnmighty threads.

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