How to Create Lumps?

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Hey, so I'm in the process of making Bean the Dynamite as my first character wad, and when reading on the wiki how to create characters, it needs a Lump named S_SKIN. I can't exactly figure out how exactly to add lumps on Slade, so any help with that, or making characters in general would be appreciated.

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Update: Nevermind, figured that out, but how would you name sprites that have multiple frames, like the running or spinning animations?

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Update 2: Nevermind, figured that out too. Just, any advice in general would be nice.


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One: You don't really need the skid sprites, since all vanilla characters use their first walking sprite.
Two: Try to choose an ability that fits your character. For example, a hedgehog that can fly with his hands isn't really logical.
This applies to secondary abilities and flags too.
Three: Make sure the character can complete every vanilla level.
Four: Character sprites have to be colored the default green (colors 96-111) in order to use color-changing features.
Five: Animations should be logically correct. If the character has details that only exist on one side, don't mirror the sprites.

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