How do I figure out which mod(s) cause(s) the "Too many flats in level" error?


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I host a server with at least a hundred mods (and sadly, I don't even know myself what all the content in all the mods is). Occasionally, my friends and I will encounter a map or two that causes the "Too many flats in level" error. Problem is, the console simply does not give me any valuable clue as to what map causes the crash.

How do I figure out which map/mod to remove from my server?


Does this error show up for any certain maps? If so, then maybe the mod that the faulty maps originate from has too many flats in it like the error says. If it isn't any certain map and it happens at random (Which I doubt), my best guess is that judging by the amount of mods, there's an overload in current flats. Cannot say that I am correct because I have done very little modding for SRB2Kart nor have I ever loaded files of this number. So try to note which tracks cause this issue and find the mod that the tracks are on, that's what I would do anyways.


Too many flat happens if a map use too many floor textures.
What map it tried to load when the error happened ? That the only clue you have and usually that map is the answer unless a mod change maps in a way it can cause this error.


Sorry for the bump. I decided to run a test of all of my server's maps, and no maps register the "Too many flats" error. Oddly enough, a few maps that caused me other visual or audio issues now load properly. Something must have happened when I tried loading the server. Either I tried loading too many mods too fast (Every time I load a mod, I let the server wait 35 ticks before loading another), or Vertz1515's second hypothesis is correct.

EDIT: Is there a limit to how many maps one can view from the "Switch Map" screen? If so, I may not have been able to test all maps.

EDIT 2: Apparently, such limit may exist, because there clearly are maps that I can not choose from the "Switch Map" menu, unless one of these maps is playing.

EDIT 3: I did not know of Map Hell.
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