how do i add srb2 models in versions before 2.0?


i usually regret a bunch of decisions.
i was trying to figure out how to add models to srb2 1.0 (specifically the irc version) and i need help with it, can someone tell me how?
You CAN find some models in the 0.x and 1.x section
Tough i dont know if any of them still works,all of them are corrupted links/Non-functional
Should you get your hands on a model for such versions, setting it up and using it is largely the same as 2.0.
my apologies for replying to a 3 month old comment, but:
It's very simple, step one: you can't
No, you can.
Unfortunately, you can only have 1 player model at a time, so that kind of sucks.
The process of applying models is the same as in every other version, except player models MUST be defined as "PLAY [model name].md2 [size here] [offset here]" or else they don't show.

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