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[HOP] Hangout Paradise Project Map Submissions

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Welcome to the Hangout Paradise Project Map Submissions thread! I got this idea from TehRealSalt.

HOP or Hangout Paradise is a project where everyone can get together, and work on hangout maps. After they work on their hangout maps, they can submit them in this thread. First, you need the read the map submission rules on this thread before you start working on the maps for Hangout Paradise.

Map Submission Rules:
1. Please put good effort into your map submissions, or they won't make it in the Hangout Paradise project.

2. The map submissions must use the singleplayer and coop gametypes. We don't want players to be unable to have fun on hangout maps cause they aren't for both of those gametypes.

3. Give proper credit, and also give me permission to modify your maps, and other assets for Hangout Paradise. We don't want people to get upset cause their map was modified for Hangout Paradise.

4. Custom textures and music are allowed, but they have to be working, and you also need permission from the creator to use them if you didn't make them. However, I recommend using mostly vanilla assets.

5. If you are going to add custom objects, please PM me so that I can assign you with what numbers to use so that they don't conflict with other objects.

6. Work on your map submissions as much as possible. Please don't submit a rushed hangout map.

7. Don't replace existing assets. Replacing existing assets is a bad idea, because this project is not a mod to replace textures, music, and other stuff.

8. It is a good idea to follow the tips and tricks in the SUGOI 2 thread so that the map submissions are really good. Click here to go the SUGOI 2 map submissions thread, then go to the tips and tricks section if you need some help on making a map.

9. Lua scripts to add roleplaying aspects to SRB2 are encouraged. I would, for example, use a lua script that allows players to pick up objects if someone make that for Hangout Paradise. Just make the lua scripts are not named LUA_HOP, or your lua script will conflict with the lua script that I plan to add to Hangout Paradise.

Hangout Paradise Map Submission Schedule:
Deadline: Deadline hasn't been decided yet!
You can work on map submissions at your own pace as long as they
are not rushed, and you meet the required deadline, and follow the
map submission rules. Good luck to those who participate in this community project for SRB2!
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I don't really think this is a good idea without asking other people who are actually interested to do it first and the devs for permission.


I don't think you need to make the schedule so detailed. When you're putting together a project like this, it's better to just give a submissions deadline and let everyone work their own schedules out around it. :3 Okay?~


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Not a bright idea to start a community project quickly after another one is finished, not many will participate.


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Is it ok that i have a head start... i kinda already made a Hangout sorta map. Dont worry i wont just submit it straight away :S
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Proof of concept

I have attached some Gifs and Screenshots as proof of concept. It'll be much more improved in its final stages.


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