every day i sometimes see a character showcase video, and they always somehow make it so that you can see the full 360 the character, and i wanna know how to do that?


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The way it is done varies a bit.
The easiest way is to set the console variable cam_still to 0 to allow you to rotate your character without the camera doing so as well.
If you want to orbit the camera around the player, you could try playing around with cam_rotate and binding it to a key so you don't open the console during recording, or you can make a Lua script that automates everything.
There are many ways of doing what you want.


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First of all, try to put in your title a summarize about what the problem is, otherwise it will be like a box of surprises until you open the thread. I'm just give you a tip for the future,

To answer you question, go into options, Player 1 controls and check the play style option, then you simply change Standard (or Strafe) to Simple.

I know about a command that allows that, but i can't remember it right now

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