Help with missing textures in the level editor

For a school project I have been making a custom level and put my custom textures in the level editor. The only problem is that I am getting a red wall for the custom textures. I don't know if this has to do with either the software I used to make the textures and the color pallet or if something is just wrong with the level editor. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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This could be one of several problems:
  • Your map is a pk3, and the textures are included with it, but they are in the wrong folder within the pk3.
  • Your map is a wad, and the textures are included with it, but you either forgot to add the TX_START and TX_END markers or named said markers incorrectly.
  • Your textures are in a file separate from your map, and you forgot to include them as a resource when you created your map.
  • If none of these apply, try converting the textures to Doom format, assuming they are not already using that format.
If none of these are the problem, then I will need more details to try to help you troubleshoot.

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