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Purple Peacock Pierre
I am not all too versed in Lua, and need some specific things to get Pierre up and running with his unique skills. I gave a rundown of his abilities on the Development thread, but I will be a little more specific on what needs to be done

Air Twirl
The "Beta Air Twirl" I have now only works in the sense that I can trick myself into thinking it works properly at max speed and going straight forward. Currently, it stops my vertical movement just like it is supposed to, but it gives me forward momentum I didn't have before. This is because I don't know how to make it carry the momentum I had moving forward
Essentially what I want is a twirl that can be used every half second, and doesn't change how you control in the air outside of stopping your vertical speed

Ground Twirl
While playing with the game and add-ons further, I have found two characters that simulate what I want with Pierre's twirl to an extent. It's given me a bit of a better idea of what I want out of it than just the spinning motion on the ground while having more control than a spin dash.
What I really want out of it is a move that can be used on the ground to begin spinning, that you can jump during
I want it to give you less height than jumping while moving
And I want it to replace the ball form entirely if Spin is pressed if possible; with checks for some exceptions like spin dashing and other situations where you end up in ball form
This is probably the most complicated part of his move-set just because of the technicalities of movement, and the part i'll be needing the most help with. I really don't know where to start

Twirl Thok
The "Beta Air Twirl" I mentioned before would be well suited for the Twirl Thok, but it is currently bound to the Spin key. This one is essentially on lock as far as I can tell, perhaps requiring some minor speed adjustments. But replacing the Jump+Jump ability with the Twirl Thok is what needs to be done with it

I can share whatever I pick up attempting to read the wiki, but my coding comprehension is tragically underdeveloped. I've been focused mostly on the sprites and brainstorming for Pierre, and help that can be provided will greatly appreciated, and credit will be given where it belongs
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