Have you played a roblox sonic game? Which one do you like?

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That game is a f*cking SEO ripoff, It was made by a former SEO dev, Who treated me like sh*t in the discord.
Umm the engine was some what different in physics cause do you see sonic launched into the air cause of a spindash in SOA? No. and besides the creator is making it as its on fangame with mod compatibility and left the roblox SOA to the Pyrite Team who aere using that to make Pyrite Adventure 3!
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so can you tell them to give me alpha tester rank? i waited a year but still nothin'
I can answer that they've been working their butts off on making v4 and in the discord I think they said the story mode is pretty much done showing emerald coast which already looks completed.
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Also HAH you forgot about the true king of sonic adventure styled games....PYRITE ADVENTURE 2!
Oh boy drama happened. like me going on YouTube and getting bashed, But that aside. Classic Sonic Simulator may be the best one ive played. Sonic onset adventure too! but that's going to be outside roblox. Like vibrant venture.
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Also i forgot Pyrite adventure 2. goddammit i forget stuff.
My favorite games are Sonic Simulator because this game has EPIK characters, otherwise i'd say i like Sonic Infinity DX v1.0, not v2.0

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