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What are you guys on the forum going as for Halloween? (If you are wearing a Halloween Costume.) I'm being Quote from Cave Story. Also discuss Other Halloween things if you like.


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My father's birthday is Halloween, so when it comes around, he always make sure to get the good candy for all the kids.

As for me, I'm far too old to go running around dressed up as some cartoon, so I passed out candy.


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I haven't actually gone yet, but I'm going as Batman. I wasn't going to actually do anything until my cousin suggested I go with him and do stuff, but I'm not complaining at all.
I just got back from Trick-or-Treating, No-one knew who i was, No-one even guessed ash (Ash Ketchum Looks kind of like quote, hm?). Some people thought i was "Curly Brace" Due to what was on the Hat. Even weirder, My dad was giving out candy, when we got back, apparently NO-ONE even went trick or treating in the apartment complex. O.o
I was Slender Man, many screams were made, though, I didn't get a lot of candy, probably too old to be doing this but eh.


Sonic100000 said:
I went as Strong Bad. Only one guy recognized me.

That's awesome, dude. It's a shame the site hasn't been updated in months. Otherwise, you could have your costume-making skills eviscerated by the Genuine Article himself.

I went as an extremely-early-stage zombie-bite victim whose clothes weren't tattered yet. Oh, and the zombie bit me on one of my upper-arms, which was completely covered by a shirt sleeve.

Nobody recognized it :(
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Shadow Hog

I was a guy stuck at his office until around 8:40 PM EST trying to iron out a shitload of bugs in his software.


That must have suck, Shadow Hog. As for me Halloween is poorly celebrated and no costumes.

It was a pretty bad day and night for me.
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