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Great Jungle Zone - Can you make it through the Great Jungle?

After besting Eggman in Deep Sea Zone, Sonic discovered that Eggman was doing experiments in the jungle!
So he decided to try and stop him yet again!

This is my first (finished) three act zone, I doubt it's really that good but I will get better at mapping over time!

While this is playable on software, there are some visual glitches and the maps just generally looks better on OpenGL
"Beware of the Forest's Mushrooms" - GJZ 1 Music
"Tropical Jungle (Sonic 06) - GJZ 2...

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Welcome to releases! I think the maps really flowed together. I haven't played since I judged it but I thought Act 2 had better flow compared to Act 1. I liked it cause it felt like I had a little more room to run around and try a few things while going through the level. I think that path with the red springs where you're supposed to maneuver to the springs floating in the air was a little cheap because you kind of miss it thinking that you're gonna make the gap.

Other than that, really nice job making this. I think it was pretty cool. Good luck on future maps!

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