Generations Classic Sonic is underrated?


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So I recently saw this video, right?
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And I thought to myself... Do people really tend to just praise modern Sonic, when there are SOO MANY amazing things about classic as well?

And so here I am.
Gathering the opinions of the people.
But I'll give part of mine.

The music.

Sonic Generations music is nothing to scoff at, but what truly shines for me are the classic tracks. This applies to the 3ds version as well, which is actually how I first played generations.

Reimagined zones like Green Hill and Chemical Plant feel like perfect recreations of the source material, but on top of that, they feel like a reincarnation of the genesis-style tracks.

And those that are from the modern games feel accurate to what it might sound like in this style.

Green Hill is beautiful, Chemical Plant is as catchy as it's always been, Sky Sanctuary is inspirational, Speed Highway is great, and I haven't even play adventure! City Escape sparks emotion and is extremely catchy, Seaside Hill is very faithful to the original, and again, is extremely catchy. Crisis City is great, I just love the way it sounds, Rooftop Run is adventurous, Plant Wisp feels... well, alien, different to the others in a way I can't explain, and I love it.

Casino Night is even catchier than the original, which is impressive. Mushroom Hill something you'll want to sway your body to, Emerald Coast feels inspirational, and again, I haven't even played adventure. Radical Highway is an absolute banger, not much else needs to be said. (Havnt play Adventure 2, but I'm familiar with the original.) Water Palace is one of the catchiest songs between both versions, and it was already super good. Honestly, Tropical Resort is one of my least favorites, as it's so underwhelming compared to everything else. But that doesn't mean it's bad.

Oh. And if you haven't heard the big arms remix.

Definitely one of my favorties.

The Metal Sonic Boss is faithful, but with a new coat of paint.
And I think I might like the US version remix a little better, which is impressive.

And of course, there much that needs changing for the invincibility track, because it's just that good.

So that's my opinion the Sonic Generations Classic music. If you haven't heard it, give it a listen. I'm sure you'll find at least A song to like.

Some screenshots cause why not


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It’s not Classic Sonic himself that people have issue with, it’s just his appearance in Forces where he feels extremely forced and adds next to nothing to the story. If he had more of a relationship with Tails in that he helps him grieve over Modern Sonic’s loss of helped Tails become his own hero, I think he would have been more accepted. His gameplay was also not really well executed when compared to Mania that had just came out
his appearance in the modern games in general is just people dont like it, along with the physics being not so fun to play, he has no personality, i guess to make him more "two dimensional" :knuxsmug: lol and you know obviously he's silent cause classic games.
People have always hated 2d sections in 3d games, and most of the time when I hear people talk about Sonic Generations they talk about Modern gameplay

time gear

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Classic Sonic in Generations and Forces has the personality of a cardboard slab, weird heavy yet oddly floaty physics, and makes the games more 2D than they really need to be. Between both playable characters in Generations, about 2/3rds of the game are 2D sections, and that doesn't even count side missions.

I feel like Classic Sonic's inclusion would be far more justified if he was the one who swapped between 2D and 3D sections instead of Modern (Who should be entirely 3D) and improved his physics to feel less off. If they made Classic's spindash more on par with the Adventure games or better in regards to physics interactions with the environment, allowed homing attack in 3D, and gave him the bounce attack, he'd be a great reference to both the 2D Classics and the Adventure formula.

Otherwise, they should just stick to making more games like Mania and give people their Classic Sonic fix that way.


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I'm sorry but my biggest gripe about Generation's Classic Sonic is that he's supposed to be Sonic from the first game but actually he isn't fully like him design-wise (especially when looking at the artworks).

If you want to talk about a truly underrated Classic Sonic let's look at his design around the Saturn era


time gear

Eternity in an hour
I'm sorry but my biggest gripe about Generation's Classic Sonic is that he's supposed to be Sonic from the first game but actually he isn't fully like him design-wise (especially when looking at the artworks).
I'm pretty sure he's actually supposed to be from after Sonic 3&K, he's just in Green Hill at the start of the game because it's his favorite place to run around. Classic Sonic learning the homing attack at the end of the game was likely meant to tie into Sonic 4 and Adventure, since Mania wasn't a thing yet.

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