frozenLake's Summer 2020 OLDC Rankings


So, I might as well start this off with the pure list, and then add the details.

Wild West
Toffee Tor 1
Oasis Palace
Metallic Madness 1
Snowflake Ridge
Aqua Paradise
Hectic Harbor
Heroes Hall
Myriad Memories
Shadow of Atlantis
Concordian Coast
Magma Falls
Crystal Cave
Cluttered Cavern 2
Anteggtica 1
Cyan Heights
Overgrown Heights
Valley Falls
Rustic Templar
Wasteland Wilds

Alright, now I might as well details my rankings. Something that I ended up doing, and why Anteggtica was ranked above Cyan Heights, is that a large factor of my ranking was influenced by if a stage could be beaten by Robo-hood or not. Thus, I will now be sharing my thoughts:

Hub - This level was quite possibly the most visually appealing in the OLDC, and likely would have gotten the top ranking if I could actually vote for it. However, one problem it did have was that the chaotic arrangement of levels did make it somewhat difficult for me to determine what levels I haven't done yet, and what I had done. It might not be perfect, but it looks... really goddamn good. Props to sphere for the hard work they put into this. I get the feeling that it should have had a different color, though, as this is the SUMMER OLDC.

Wild West - A wonderful blend of Arid Canyon and Deep Sea Zone, this really gets across the feeling of a Desert Temple. And while there were Statues to push, they were a short distance away from the button, making it a far easier job.

Toffee Tor 1 - Having played this right after Hypertower initially, I was /happy/ to have an easy level. Heck, when I initially hopped in the level, I thought: "Hmm, the name sure sounds like a Kirby Level..." ...Thus, finally recognizing the music as Kirby music partway through the level was... nice. This level makes great use of the stone ball mechanic, though admittingly, there should probably be a way to change the sprites for that when dealing with water, instead of Lava/Magma.

Oasis Palace - Fun platforming, and not much wrong with it, even if it is a challenge at points. Still, a joy to play.

Metallic Madness 1 - This level is very visually appealing. There are a few platforming sections, but there is... almost never any risk of danger. This is a nice, calm level, with no enemies. And that isn't entirely a bad thing.

Snowflake Ridge - The goal of this level, if you have not played a Spyro game, might not be obvious at first. Perhaps a little bit of text at the start saying to collect gems might be a good indicator. Regardless, this is... well, the main fun element of it is the Lua scripting. I have no idea what the fire thing does, though.

Aqua Paradise - Long loading time, and I half expected to crash, as it did cause SRB2 to freeze for a moment. However, when I got in, I was presented with a level that had interesting challenges. There was one point where I almost decided I would need to reset the level... but then I saw an underwater passage with springs on the other side. This level was fun... albeit a bit frustrating with the limited air, but these levels always are.

Hectic Harbor - While the first route can't be completed by Robo-hood, there are enough side routes to allow completion that this level gets the seal of approval. It also uses custom textures, which gets my like.

Heroes Hall - Two things to consider: One, with characters like Robo-hood (or fang), you can still shoot at the defeated flowers. Second, it likely would have been better if the buttons were more integrated with the teleporters. As in, you have to push the button to activate the teleporter out. Admittingly, this level felt like an... advertisement, for someone's series of OCs.

Myriad Memories - An interesting level, with a number of challenges you have to come. However, elements of it are downplayed, by the amount of darkness involved. The statue segment honestly took the longest. Also, the inclusion of the Sonic Adventure 2 Lifts were nice, and I am glad they launched you forward... even if one automatically launching you was kinda a dick move.

Shadow of Atlantis - While the beginning of the level is somewhat difficult to find the path forward, (seriously, I thought I had to find the three switches to progress) and I died, many, many times, this still could be considered... sort of a good level? Eh. Its still a water level.

Concordian Coast - Nice Looking, but short level. Might crash at the end.

Magma Falls - ...Why is there fully liquid lava, right after the teleporter? I consistently fall into this one, too. The lack of star-posts in this level makes this incredibly frustrating to complete, as well as the lack of direction in the area with the monitor showing the planet.

Crystal Cave - This level has a rather... garish color scheme, and a number of narrow corridors. The beam of light in the middle of the level could stand to teleport the player when jumping through it, and there are a few buzzes facing the wrong direction at the end. It was admittingly quite short, so, I haven't really formed that much of an opinion on this.

Cluttered Cavern 2 - While this level is really good looking, it poses two problems: one, star-posts do not lead in the correct direction, and second, it is near impossible to find the exit. I had to pull up zone builder, and I still had problems finding it.

Anteggtica 1 - Rather empty. Not much of interest, other than the automatic doors, which admittingly, might look like walls to some people.

Everything below this point could not be beaten by Robo-hood.

Cyan Heights - literally get stuck from the beginning of the level as Robo-hood. I feel as is this level is just trying to troll me, specifically. It honestly feels like I'm the only person playing Robo-hood. It looks very good, though.

Overgrown Heights - A nice, jungle themed level. Not much to say, other than that the path split near the end doesn't account for Robo-hood.

Valley Falls - Heavily linear level, has you ascend a vertical tower of springs, and stops Robo-hood near the end with a set of blue springs that do not go far enough, in an already time consuming underwater section.

Rustic Templar - The beginning of the level assumes you have a character that can use the upward slope to jump higher, but Robo-hood cannot do this, so its difficult to progress.. but not impossible. You then are tasked at a section, where you have to jump into the first sand-fall of the level. However, this first sand-fall is over a bottomless pit, so it is making a leap of faith. However, the level finally ends with a path split that Robo-hood literally cannot progress through. Still better than wasteland wilds.

Wasteland Wilds - Sparsely decorated level that quickly assumes you can break a floor, or spindash.

Hypertower - ...Let me just say, I was /glad/ when it turned out this level couldn't be beaten as Robo-hood. The first section is a horribly decorated, overly thin platforming NIGHTMARE. And with a zoom-tube reminiscent of Garanz Site 16... yeah, I swear this is a troll level. Especially with the music. Don't play this. Save yourself.
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