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That one guy making frontiers sonic
thesrb2fan12 submitted a new resource:

Frontiers Sonic - "Careful? what's the fun in that?"

Frontiers sonic is sonic but with some of his frontiers moveset

His moveset includes
----Homing attack----
double jump to lock on and attack an enemy
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-----Drop Dash-----
Hold Custom2 after jumping to charge a dropdash works just like in frontiers and mania
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No More is the Boost of the past, Blasting through enemies isnt going to work here you need to use it wisely or else you will get damaged...​

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thesrb2fan12 updated Frontiers Sonic with a new update entry:

Minor Moveset Change

Frontiers sonic know has the spindash instead of the melee attack and yes it is overpowered just like in the real game and he also has battlemod support now his ability is the cross slash

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Hey Hey Hey! Just a friendly reminder to review this mod
I spent a long time on it and i would love some feedback (and who knows maybe you could get someone to review it in a video form that way i know what they mean on a certain issue)
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Yeah I can believe that, just gave me a heart attack at first glance
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Also, I think there's only 2 maps, old SRB2 Frontiers and that Kronos Island
Wasnt even intending it but hey if you want to play this without downloading srb2 you can play this in the web port
(web port is using 2.2.4 though) here is the web port of the game Click Here
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Please Welcome EdTravell to the team for frontiers sonic he will be a spriter
Fun Fact: we met through one of my BattleMod Testing Servers
thesrb2fan12 updated Frontiers Sonic with a new update entry:

Bug Patch - The Hang and Pain Boost

Basically this fixes the bug that would cause you to be able to boost when hanging on something (Ex. ACZ Ropes) or after getting hit by an enemy/Sliding on the water in DSZ. Thanks to Gemini0 for alerting me about this one

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WARNING: I will not be here tomorrow to update the mod as such if you report a bug it will not be fixed until at best sunday at worst next week
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Hey so uh started seeing some of those uh what you call "Hate Comments" along the lines of this mod is lazy. clearly people dont do their research so im just going to say it here THIS IS MY FIRST CHARACTER MOD this isnt lazy just a newcomer trying his best that being said i am working on a bounce script (meant to be kinda like a bounce just better for vertical movement) and making the boost better this includes a effect and the boost being slower depending on your ring count.
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another thing im looking for people to help with sprites because i dont want to ruin the mod by trying it myself (i cant do pixel art in the srb2 style).

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