FoxBlitzz's Old TGF Collection

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It's Mr. Computer!
FoxBlitzz's Old Collection of The Games Factory Games


From left to right, top to bottom: Game Box, Super Mario Battle, Catch the Mice, Hover Flag,
Mooey Cow (Super Dot), Lakitu's Sky Surf, Luigi's Weird Pig, Multi-Path

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This is a massive collection of about 49 old games I gathered from my back-up archives of my TGF folder. These are games I've made or helped work on from mid 2001 to early 2002. Some of them are bad, some are silly, and a few are actually quite good, but most are unfinished, and I highly doubt I will ever continue work on any of them (what's the use in an outdated tool anyway?).

List of Games:
  • Catch the Mice
  • CentiPC
  • Danceathon
  • DK PIG
  • FPM (Funky Platform Movement)
  • FTTF2 (Fight to the Finish 2)
  • Fusion Badniks
  • Game1
  • Game2
  • Game3
  • Game4
  • Game5
  • Game7
  • Game8
  • Game Box
  • gdhgh
  • Hoppy Pork
  • Hover Flag
  • Kart How-to 2
  • Kung Fu Frustration
  • Lakitu's Sky Surf
  • Luigi's Weird Pig
  • Mario's Game-a-Thon
  • Mario's Puzzle Mania
  • MBPC (Mario Bros. PC)
  • MegaKong!!
  • Mooey Cow (Super Dot)
  • Moooooooooky
  • Multi-Path
  • Oh No! My Mouse!
  • Pac It
  • Pac Man Lib
  • Piggy Blasters
  • Plumber Breakout
  • Q-PRO Improved
  • Smiley Shootout
  • Sonic How-To Jumbo Pack
  • Sonic Infinite
  • Sonic Infinite (mrk 2)
  • Spray Painter
  • Steady Hand
  • Strange
  • Super Bounce Home Version
  • Super Mario Battle
  • Tanks About
  • Toy Motor Boat Sim
  • Vacation Escape
  • Winning Square
  • Yoshi's Island Sprites

Excerpt from the README:

This is a compilation of the many (mostly unfinished) games I made with The Games Factory, back in the years 2001-2002, with a couple of them also by my friend Joey. For your convenience I have build EXEs for all of them, but left the GAM files unprotected in case you want to view or modify the source. Can you believe that at one time I was more interested in Mario and Sonic than in Yoshi? I know I can't.

In order for text to display properly in some of the games, you will need to install the Stanton ICG font. It is included in the archive.

In most games, arrow keys are to move, Shift is button 1, and Ctrl is button 2. For some of the games, I also have a custom menu with altered key shortcuts. In this menu, F2 is to restart any game (same as the default), F3 pauses the game, F5 opens the Player Controls dialog, and Escape or F7 lets you "Play Hide and Seek with the Menu Bar". This doesn't affect all games, however, so beware. Alt + F4 can be used to quit all games.

NOTICE TO USERS OF MULTI-CORE PROCESSORS: The Games Factory has a poorly written timing system that breaks on occasion if too many sounds are played at once. When this occurs, you will hear repeating sounds and the game will become unresponsive and only advance frames upon mouse and keyboard movement. Due to the way that dual-core and multi-core processors handle timing, the chance of this bug occuring greatly amplifies to the extent that just playing a single sound at once may cause the bug to appear. To reduce the occurrence of this nasty glitch, you will need to open Task Manager, right-click on the process (either name of the executable if you're running stand-alone, or Gfact32.exe if you are running from the editor), choose Set Affinity, and uncheck all but one of the CPUs and click Ok. Unfortunately, you must do this every time you run the game, but the work-around does seem to be effective.

Have fun!


It's Mr. Computer!
Kaysakado said:
FoxBlitzz said:
The Games Factory
I stopped reading right there.

That's not the point. The point is that it's a nostalgic look at some of the games created back when the tools weren't that great, but users found crazy workarounds for goofy problems. And of course the silliness that resulted from trying out different gameplay mechanics or just oddball scenarios in general.

I ought to n00bslap you for that comment.
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