fire Guisers with fofs going up and down:can I do it?

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Additionally, you should attach that linedef to a water block with fire damage. Then, attach that water block to the floor of your level.
Are you putting a bobbing platform on it? If that's the case, it's gonna have to be a thick platform, and the geyser will have to move fairly slowly. The other option is to have the bobbing platform just be a regular FOF moving synchronously with the geyser.
Are you doing a floating block on a geyser? If you need, I can whip up an example WAD in probably about 5 minutes showing you how to do that.
Did my example WAD work the way you wanted it to, though? If so, there's not much more I can say:

Make sure Linedef Type 4 and 2 are exactly the same length.
Make sure the floating block has the same sector height (difference between ceiling and floor) in the FOF control sector itself as well as both the control sectors that determine its min and max heights.
You have to make sure that the FOF starts right on top of the lava. It would also help if both of them were at their minimum point like I did.
X_X Well, can't really say anything more except the fact that you should look very carefully at my example WAD and emulate what I have done.
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