favorite version of sonic cd?

considering theres like a few versions of sonic cd released i felt like asking whats your favorite version of Sonic CD.

i would say the 2011 version and the 1996 PC port are my favorite
I would go for the 2011/Origins, there the same anyway, but the origins one is a bit different anyway, with it being no main menu from the 2011 version, and a bit of bugs/glitches as well.
Definetly the RSDKV3 Decompilation, as it has many advantages over many releases of 2011 Remaster,and even Sonic Origins version.
The 2011 version felt like playing Sonic CD on its most glorious state to be honest, it really felt like a true remaster for the year it was done, specially giving all the options & stuff it adds over the original version, only thing that would make it better is to allow certain versions of each song to play at every segment; like for example, on Stardust Speedway i would prefer the Japan version on the Good Future but the USA version on the Bad Future

I haven't played Origins version yet but from the few footage i remember watching, it looks pretty similar in some way

If you want to play it with its original feeling, then maybe the most recent version you can find is the one from Sonic Gems Collection, which was released on 2005
I remember buying the PS3 version a while back and loving it. The level design is a little archaic at times (Wacky Workbench), But it's a very charming game overall.
I've enjoyed every version I've used to play it. My version of choice is the mobile version because it's easy to get to.
Origins overall due to having the most content, but I do miss the voice clips in that version and the save system in Origins is horrible. 2011 is the next best thing. In general though, while I do have a soft spot for CD I usually would rather play any of the other three mainline Genesis/Mega Drive games.

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