Favorite sonic run style?

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Eternity in an hour
There's something about the Sonic Adventure DX running animation that feels right to me, but Generations Modern Sonic is the next best thing.

Restless Dipstick

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SegaSonic the Hedgehog

I dunno why, I just think the one arm in front and one arm back is a cool change of pace.


For The Win!
Honestly, I prefer Tails' run than any other classic characters. He catches up in a more unique way than how others run,

For Tails I would do every non-spin off Classic game

For Sonic though I only like Sonic CD's (In game) at max speed and in Mania, both normal and max speed.


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I actually like Junio because he looks like he's going super fast and has smears, Sonic Unleashed Running because smooth animation same as Sonic Generations, Sonic CD faster running my first time seeing sonic arms on his back, Classic Sonic 1 is really classic and simple, Sonic Adventure and Sonic Advance.

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