favorite sonic ability?

Boost light dash SA1 or 2 Maximum Speedash Super pellout Drop Dash instashield Stomp Bounce counter dodge bullet dash
My favorite Sonic ability? I'd say the Drop Dash and the Homing Attack. Both are real fun to use. The Drop Dash is powerful in the games it is included in, and the Homing Attack is the only Modern Sonic ability that can be chained one after another, which is fun to exploit.
boost and bounce

what can i say? i want to become a indestructible speeding projectile in one second and bounce around like a ball :threat:
I'd say the spindash and the ability to turn into Super Sonic. Maybe the boost too (gotta love going fast in a Sonic title) and probably the Homing Attack/Air Dash.
Sonic has gained and lost many abilities throughout his years, but I personally like the homing attack best. It makes keeping enemies out of your way much easier.

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