favorite server


that one laggy player
it was steven's, met a bunch of people there, there wasn't too much lag or way too many map packs (or any at all) and was pretty enjoyable, until steven got banned
now my favorite server would be DUDE's, same stuff as the other server, except the meeting people part, though, DUDE isn't doing public servers right now


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My Favorite server in Exe Survival right now since im in there alot of time. I now know alot of peoples in there so i dont think my favorite server will change right now but for now on i pretty much like that server :)
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just revived it feeling like the healer rn


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My second tread so whats yall favorite server and how was the experience?
Theres a random moment in time you will see a server called "Just Tag Things", It's the best server even though the host barely hosts it. Dark the hedgehog has started hosting daily as well, try his servers as well! I have a fun time with those.


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i like a server that was 24/7 called gameing ( it was spelled like this im not spelling incorrectly )
but now i enjoy playing exe survival void, and vanessas funbox tag

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