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Roach when Sonic
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Q & A

Q: Are these Sonic's sprites for 2.2?
A: Yes.
Q: Is this Sonic's gameplay for 2.2?
A: No.

Q: What does the F stands for?
A: Force? Fabulous? Fancy? Final? Finished? It's up to you, really.

Q: The WAD appears to have broken animations and the gameplay is not working!
A: You'll need to update to 2.1.15 in order for this WAD to work properly!

Q: Am I allowed to use the sprites you made?
A: Yes, no need to ask for my permission! I changed my mind. Just use the 2.2 Sonic sprites instead.

Q: Can I use them for my fancharacter?
A: Can I break your legs?


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F sonic? Don't mind if I do.

now all the leaks are useless
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Now all the leaks are useless


And thus, F-Sonic was finally reunited with his long-lost twin, Funnymeme Sonic.

(I'm guessing that's what the "F" in his name stands for.)

Seriously, this is the most beautiful thing I've ever played. I'd play as him in a lot of stage packs if not for the fact 2.1.15 practically destroyed compatibility with them all.

EDIT: Oh my god the super form is pure yes
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Larz T

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Wow, I thought you were holding off with this release until 2.2. Other than that, I really love what you've done with the sprites. Like, a lot. You never seem to disappoint anyone when it comes with your works. Can't wait to see what's in store for the future when it comes to your sprites. Keep up the excellent work dude!

Lliteqiel ꙮ

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Wuh?? I'm NOT waiting 'til 2.2 for FuuuuhhFAST Sonic? Well, like anyone would complain about that remark.

Way past.


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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH I thought you weren't gonna release this until 2.2 but it's here now!! *runs off immediately to try him out*

Edit: it's even better than I had imagined, every frame feels wonderful and fitting to the game as it should.
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I am loving the new sprites. Especially the Super Sonic sprites, so pretty.


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Kart Krew™️
It definetly is Fabulous Sonic.

I'm happy and kind of sorry for you for this release though, as it was meant to be for 2.2 and not a separate thing. But heh, you did an awesome job.
Now excuse me while I add the Super sprites to my "wet" folder


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I'm my original character, Fsonic.

(...good job finishing this. i'll see myself out)
It's going to be hard for me to get used to this when 2.2 rolls around.

Don't get me wrong, these sprites are infinitely better than vanilla currently, but after looking at the current sprites for Sonic for nearly a decade, it's difficult to get used to a replacement.

Prime 2.0

The super frames. These super frames.

I stand and I'm standing. I walk and I'm walking. But then I float and there's the old stand/walk pose and it feels wonderful and dynamic and action-y to have these be separate things instead of a stupid subsprite-saving measure!

And as always, your curled-into-a-ball sprites are fucking fantastic, MotorRoach. Love it to death. <3


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I-Is this a joke?! I swear if not I will continue to use the one I had... BEFORE I DOWNLOADED THIS! :D Ok, seriously. Awesome job MR, should I say a way past cool job! OkI'llgointothatcornerformylamepun (Don't worry, I kept my copy very safe.)


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Are guys are trying to give me a heart attack?!

So many things to take in.... 2.1.15 release.... F.Sonic. what next? Smiles?!

Jokes aside. Awesome work!


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I still feel sorry for you Roach about the leaks but either way you have done an amazing job with these sprites!

Now I am going to go and have fun looking at all of these sprites especially the super sprites.


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Welp this was really unexpected, but hey it's really nice to this released even though the leaks probably forced this early release, and I hope the leaks haven't demotivated you too much. Seriously though fantastic work here roach, and thanks to you Super Sonic no longer looks like a piece of shit, thanks for your hard work roach! ;)
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Too bad MachSpeed only applies to Sonic.


Amazing work like always MR, this wad is amazing. The Super Sonic. HOLY SHIT THE SUPER SONIC.

But, I hate to be that guy, but there is a bug while Super Sonic, while going up fans as Super Sonic he'll be in his standing frames rather than his fall frames.



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But, I hate to be that guy, but there is a bug while Super Sonic, while going up fans as Super Sonic he'll be in his standing frames rather than his fall frames.

Known issue, we'll get to it sooner or later~
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