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What if Sonic Team Jr. decided to make Expansion Packs? Something like The Sims series of games, but in this case, they would have new zones to explore, new characters to use, maybe new Shields and items to help the player... That would be some kind of official mods which don't mark the game as modified, even if they include Lua/SOC scripts, allowing the player to use (or not) those characters/levels without having to use custom save data
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I don't see a point to this. If new official content such as zones/characters gets made, why not just include them in the base game?

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It's taking long enough for all the planned official content to get in the game (we still have a minimum of like eight maps that aren't even in yet, let along updating the ones that are in but not fully finished), I'm not sure big additions from the official team are necessary or possible, at least within the collective lifetimes of the current userbase.


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Giving an official expansion pack or DLC to a completely free non-profit game makes no sense. There's no reason not to simply include that content within the game itself instead of make multiple downloads. SRB2 itself has quite a lot of content that would probably fit as DLC if it were an official Sonic game, like the bonus and challenge stages. Bonus content has in fact been a thing in SRB2 for almost its entire history.

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Also, the fact that users make entire level packs for free kind of invalidates the need for expansions. Back in the days of 1.09.4, things like Mystic Realm and Acid Missile were considered expansion packs in their own right.

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