Expanded Signposts

Expanded Signposts V3.0

Awesome to see this mod finally ready for the public!
Nice seeing all the Top 3 getting a slice of the spotlight at the end of races.
The only minor issues right now is that it has conflictions with that one expanded sign post mod and the 3d models. Haven't tested the spinning sign mod without the 3d models though.
RetroStation updated Expanded Signposts with a new update entry:

Everyone Gets A Signpost!

New command: sp_participationtrophy - Allows 4th and below to earn a signpost upon completing the race. Participation signs will be colored according to the player's chosen skin color. Two-tone color mains rejoice!

New sign type: BIG. Players who finish while in Grow/Grow+ will earn a signpost 1.5x normal scale, triggering a quake only felt by other finishers upon landing.

New sign type: SHINY. Players who finish while Invincibility is active will spawn a sparkly signpost that...

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The signpost seems to break with HugeQuest loaded, as the addon prints this warning which causes the signposts to never spawn
RetroStation updated Expanded Signposts with a new update entry:

V3 - Visual Overhaul

New signs! Decorations!

- New signpost, sprited by Mitsuo; meant to be a nod to the classic/Game Gear signposts.
- Ribbons! Players who finish 1st-3rd, along with players who finish while in a Power state (sp_participationtrophy required), will have a ribbon tied around their signpost.
- Bases! Players who finish in Grow state will have their signs reinforced with a strong base.
- Emeralds! Players who finish while Super state is active will have an Emerald decorating their ribbon as...

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