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Emmette Clyde - A pegasus who can fly! ...Wait-

Here she is! My first ever character addon! ...Wait I shouldn't start with that-

Emmette is a pegasus with tiny wings, but that ain't gonna stop her from experiencing flight. To make up for the whole "no flying" thing, she has wind powers that can make her do all sorts of things!

For instance, how does a triple jump sound? How about the second jump sends you up great heights and the third one pushes you forward?

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Okay so she can jump a lot, what else...

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how do you pronounce her name, I thought it was "Emmet" like the Lego man voiced by Chris Pratt
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More Buffs and Little Things!

I've reduced the height you get from the little bounce you do after ground-pounding and I've removed the horizontal momentum nerf you get from doing the giant wind jump, so she's now got more flow to her moveset.

Also I've adjusted the colors for her character selection screen in singleplayer and added proper closed captions to all her custom sound effects.

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Slide and Moveset Revamp!

Bit of a major-minor update, so let's go over it. First off, I finally converted all her sprites to DOOM graphics, so any issues that were related to that should now be fixed. Secondly, on top of revamping her code, she now has a new slide move for you to play around with! It can go under gaps and destroy enemies, monitors, and walls. Lastly, her dive and third wind jump have been reworked so that it scales with your top speed if you're going faster than her normal max speed (this is also...

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oh no the ground pound ITS SPAMMABLE

oooh a cool tech
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