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Emerl.WAD- updated July 18th, 2009- 2:20 PM

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Pfft, I haven't been spriting anything lately
It just seems more like a job than a hobby now.


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Whatever made you a staff member it probably means your signature is right. :P

As I suspected, I came home late. Will work on Emerl tomorrow if not interrupted by lolvisitors >_>;

EDIT: I'm going to update this post (or just the front page until someone posts) with the Emerl (D-K)1 Walk frames and make a GIF of it when I'm done with that angle. Until I finish that angle, I'm only working on the A1 walks. When I finish, I'll move onto the (D-K)2(D-K)8 frames.

...Not like anyone cares :U

Anyway, here's the D1 frame. I'll label it as "needs work" for now. :/


Edit: Made the E1.


Edit 2: F1 made, but needs some work on it- mainly on the right foot. :/



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Awesome in all aspects, just add more shading and make it a little bit darker and it will be perfect when it comes to design.
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