Elaborate upon your representational imagery.


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Just an O͎̬̱͉̙͓̤͇ͭ͛̓ͥ̀ͪ̿͂͂̄͒̽̐ͪ̉̀̈́̓͜͝ŗ̴̍̿̋̒̀ͮ̾͊̓ͧ̏҉̮̥̰̳͔̖̤̙͔̘̞͓͍͇ď̵̤̳͚͍̣̺̎ͯ̐̄͊̚̚͜͡ͅi͔̹̦͈͔̼̬ͦ̈̇ͪͤͦ͋̇̾̊͂̔͆ͦ̎ͪ̀̚̕͟ͅṅ͊ͭ́҉҉̫̻̮̜͍̠͇̠͈̟̮͈ͅa̧͈̭̱͙͈͈̠͇ͧͪ̓̽ͩ̈̉͜r͛͆ͫ̆̔͏͇̙̬͎͖̙̹ý͍̦͔͖̦̰̩͈̘̤̼͚̬̥̖̊͋ͮͪ͟͠͝ screenshot from an certain O͎̬̱͉̙͓̤͇ͭ͛̓ͥ̀ͪ̿͂͂̄͒̽̐ͪ̉̀̈́̓͜͝ŗ̴̍̿̋̒̀ͮ̾͊̓ͧ̏҉̮̥̰̳͔̖̤̙͔̘̞͓͍͇ď̵̤̳͚͍̣̺̎ͯ̐̄͊̚̚͜͡ͅi͔̹̦͈͔̼̬ͦ̈̇ͪͤͦ͋̇̾̊͂̔͆ͦ̎ͪ̀̚̕͟ͅṅ͊ͭ́҉҉̫̻̮̜͍̠͇̠͈̟̮͈ͅa̧͈̭̱͙͈͈̠͇ͧͪ̓̽ͩ̈̉͜r͛͆ͫ̆̔͏͇̙̬͎͖̙̹ý͍̦͔͖̦̰̩͈̘̤̼͚̬̥̖̊͋ͮͪ͟͠͝ ROM Hack. :P


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Since SU started throwing out new episodes after it's hiatus, I got more into it again. As a result my avatar is now Peridot. Obviously the best character. <3
My at-time-of-writing previous avatar was a complete eye-sore. Fully, flat out, 255 0 0, completely bright, completely saturated red, stretched over a simple way-too-big lightning-like shape.

For a long while, I've been considering making a pixel avatar of said lightning's bearer's head, but me not being good at 2D art much at all and stuff like that, I've been waiting for a friend of mine to finish making new 3D pony models and such for me to pose and then use as reference for the pixels. (Yes, pony. Like My Little Pony pony.)

But... Well, work on those models is probably still going very slowly, so I decided to shrink my previous avatar, pixelate it (manually), give it a slightly darker and less saturated base colour, and then shade it. Looks mostly good to me. Certainly much better than what I had before.


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My husbando.

I photoshopped in Cloud's haircut because I thought it'd be funny, plus, I like FFVII (my fave FFs are V and IX though).

Also, because no one will get it, my user title is a reference to Romancing SaGa 3 on the SNES. It's sort of a meme in the Japanese fandom? Kinda sad the (much smaller) western fandom didn't make it a meme too since it's just as absurd in Mana Sword's rather subpar English patch.

But to be fair, Mana Sword's patch is from all the way back in the early 2000s, so I won't be too hard on them.

Basically, there's this village in the game called Kidlanto. They have an issue where they had to sacrifice villagers to a monster in a cave near the village.

Thus, your hero/heroine volunteers to help them.

And then the Mayor shuts them in the cave to appease the monster. After trying to budge the boulder that was blocking the entrance a few times, encountering the monster (A MISCHIEF OF MAN-EATING RATS) and then running from it, you go back to the entrance to find a village girl named Nina push the boulder, allowing you to escape.

After meeting up with the Professor living in the forest near the city of Zweig, she reveals that the rat leading the mischief is actually a failed experiment of hers that got away. Basically, she was trying to increase the intelligence of a rat, dubbed Algernon, for... some reason?

Algernon ended up escaping, and apparently it seems that he ended up in the caves near Kidlanto. To help you deal with the monster and save the village, she hands you... Rat poison. No, really.

You go back to the village and as it turns out, the village chief sacrificed Nina of all people! You then go in the cave to save her, battling Algernon in the process.

Battle strategy: after each round, the rat poison affects most parts of the swarm for a bit of damage. However, one of them isn't damaged. That's where Algernon is. He changes positions through out the battle.

After killing Algernon, your party laments the apparent death of Nina.

However, Nina appears! It turns out she carried some meat, hidden within herself when she was taken to the cave, and she used it to distract the rats while she hid herself as they ate. Your party and Nina leave the dungeon and the village is grateful for your heroics.

And then you go to speak to the Village Chief, who okayed yours and Nina's sacrifices. The only thing he says is...

私が町長です。 ("I'm the village chief.", or "I'm the mayor." in Mana Sword's translation)


Romancing SaGa 3 was rushed to completion like Romancing SaGa 1 before it and SaGa Frontier after it. Thus, a lot of the game feels a bit... unfinished.

A shame really, Romancing SaGa 2 was phenomenal, and, if I recall correctly, it wasn't rushed. The difficulty curve was absurd, though, but that's all the fault of Kawazu's constantly questionable design decisions, really.


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Recently I caught an interest in Pokemon (for the third time in my life, actually). My favourite is Riolu. Put two and two together.


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You are jealous!

Oh. I've changed my profile with a Tom.
My current profile picture is of a cat made purely out of water that I made in photoshop.
I never even intended to make this, I was originally trying to make a lava monster by dropping a kitten picture into a lava picture, and editing it randomly, then I accidentally colored everything blue instead of red, realized it looked pretty neat, and now I have a water kitty.


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I actually don't remember how i got this name, since i started using this avatar frequently and i needed a new user name, so i chose Sanic.


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I guess I should participate...

I'm just a terribly shaded, SRB1 style, aquamarine colored Sonic that I made myself using Paint.net out of boredom..

Monster Iestyn

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Kart Krew™️
Frankly it looks too good for "SRB1 style".

For starters SRB1 Sonic didn't have ears. =V

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