echoshift (Upcoming Game)

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After browsing demos in Playstation Store yesterday, I came across this innovative game known as echoshift. It seems to be from the creators of echochrome, as the artwork and certain obstacles are similar.

echoshift is a 2D puzzle game. Each level has a set amount of time. After the time ends, the level resets, but you leave a shadow of yourself behind. This is called a "Time Bounce." The shadow does what you did in the last time frame. This can happen a number of times, with each shadow doing what has been previously done. It is described as "self cooperation."

I don't want to go too much into detail, so here's a link to Playstation.Blog:

If you have a PSP, try downloading this game from Playstation Store to see how it works out. I know that I'm buying it when it comes out!
Echochrome came a month before Braid, and even so yes, they are the same. However braid is more on platforming, and chrome is more on puzzling you.


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This practice of leaving behind and working with different versions of yourself via time paradox behind kinda reminds me of Prometheus to an extent, only much less varied.
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