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Whoexer9 submitted a new resource:

EASTER RUINS ZONE - That rising lava 3 lap track

This, Is Easter Ruins Zone! Race in and out of these lava filled ruins located on some outskirts of Easter Island. Just remember, the lava rises at every lap you complete! It also has some shortcuts to help you, and some hazards are just waiting for you to hit. This track's laps are 3, and the music comes from Mario Kart Wii.

...And I might turn this into a map pack.:welcometoreleases:

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Whoexer9 updated EASTER RUINS ZONE with a new update entry:

I'm sorry. Here's the real deal.

I apologize to the 33 users that got fooled by this "Insanity Track". So now, I'll spare you and give you Easter Ruins Version 1.1!

Patch Notes:
-Improved readability on 2 spots.

That's it. Should have come out sooner, but I was lazy.

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Here's what the "Insanity Track" looked like. Now removed. but you can tell me to re-add it (If you like to suffer). That track is just a shitpost with a simple loop but now with a barrier in the inner part that only items can get through, allowing for total mayhem to flow.
Edit: This was originally meant to be in the Panic's Grand Pee Pack, but it got rejected as it's just a friggn' baby park knockoff.
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