EAJS Inverted Vanilla Levels (Level Pack)

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EAJS Inverted Vanilla Levels (Level Pack) - mirrored, inverted, Level-Pack, challenge

EAJS Inverted Levels

Bringing a new way to play the most popular stages of SRB2, this time inverted, what will be the challenges?

  • All singleplayer Co-op maps are inverted!​
  • Zone outputs and starts are inverted!​
  • The order of the zones was also reversed!​
  • 1-up and Eggman monitors were swapped!​
  • Emblems and Tokens also swapped!​
  • New...​

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This can be a little CBT at times but overall its a good concept

Some of those changed tracks are bangers tho
Arid Canyon 1 and Red Volcano sound actually REALLY good
(please send me those as raw music files lmao)
Black Core zone act 2 is a little finnicky.

although you could (probably) fix that easily.
I'd like it if you could:

- Reverse the Special Stage order

- Include a custom save-data like other map-packs so you can save your progress and collect emblems

- Loading customsave.soc lets you save... but emblems are visible despite not being interactable with (they can be seen, but touching them does nothing). I'd like to be able to collect emblems.

- I'd recommend making the palette changing mods only palette changing mods, this way it doesn't mark the game as modified, and you won't need to update it. The audience can load the palette changing mod before or after the main download if they want the palette to be changed.

- I'd also recommend including the palette changing mods alongside the main mod in the download. Updating will replace the entire main download, instead of a single file. So when updating you have to upload all of the mods you want to be downloadable.

it is pretty cool how you can collect Tokens in NiGHTS stages because of this swap lol
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By the way, making this mod have it's own savedata (like other map packs) would automatically make you not have to use customsavedata.soc to be able to save your game with this. And would make emblems visible, I don't know if it'd fix them being collectable though, it might be a separate issue. But it still would be nice to be able to collect them

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