Draw line leads to slope getting completely annihilated, somehow.


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I was tinkering with a map I'm working on, and I drew an area for a lower path, about halfway into the level. I, unsuspectingly, moved on and continued work on it. After going back into playtesting about 30 minutes worth of adding things later, I saw that the slope at the beginning of the level was completely messed up, collision and all. I went back, undid everything that I had done in this session, and redid everything one by one til' I found out what was causing it. Lo and behold, it was that one area. I don't know how nor why. I also don't know how in the hell to fix it, as I don't know what's even causing it in the first place. There are no special linedefs or functions tied to the area.

I could really use some help here. :dramahog:

1) Ingame Pre-Area Draw
2) ZB View Pre-Area Draw
3) Ingame Post-Area Draw
4) ZB View Post-Area Draw
5) GIF of Slope Ingame Post-Area Draw
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it fucking crashed.


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